review of the past five months – 1

Through the third period at INSEAD, I started my search for a post MBA job. Priorities changed and I started to keep “living” away from the top three list. Ofcourse, the lady would never have liked this and since I obey what the lady says, I tried my best to keep a balance and continue “living” while I planned for the future. I am not sure if I am able to explain what I mean by “living” so if you are in doubt when you read this, I won’t be surprised. However, I do imagine that if you have spoken with me for more than an hour, you would know what I am talking about.

The following is a short list of places I went to near the end of the studies. More out of the fear that I would end up not having experienced what I could have than anything else.

Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Mont-Blanc is the mountain. Chamonix is the nearest town. A quiet place that was about 6 hours of drive from Fontainebleau. Banker, FP and I drove in the banker’s car over a weekend. The place is very touristy and you know it since people understand English. The cable car takes you upto L’Aiguille du midi at 3842 meters. You see clouds above you and the cable car takes you above them. Continuing my habit of forming newer fears, I developed a fear of cable cars! Had it not been for the presence of FP, I might not have gone up there. FP’s presence takes away my fear of heights 🙂 The music we played was all decided by me (thankfully!). The others are not such finicky over what plays after what and thus I could have my way. The most played songs were “lukka chuppi” from RDB, one from zeest (“sutta na mila“) and two others of the same underground genre titled “g****d mein danda” and “XL ki kudiyan“. Absolute lovely college memory revoking songs if you ask me. Let me know if you need them. Here are some pictures of tickets I purchased on the trip.

Also realized after looking at the pictures that I probably have too many INSEAD t-shirts. You are very likely to find me in one everytime you meet me.

Coming up in the next edition: Buddha Bar, London Gay Men’s Chorus and the Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival.