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Gurgaon Toll Collectors’ Agony

Today morning at 10 am.

I spent about 12 minutes at the toll gate to pay for my toll fee. Here is an outcome of my thought process:

16 lanes x 25 per lane = roughly 400 cars waiting to pay their toll at Gurgaon. Anybody will hate that in the morning hours.

Current processing time per car: 5 seconds after it has come to rest at the gate (amazing human feat by the way). It sometimes increases to a max of 20 seconds but they know to keep it under check. After all there are TWO people at every collector gate. The redundancy – impressive! Hats off to the people who return change against Rs 100, Rs 50 with efficiency that can only be matched by an automatic currency counting machine.

I still couldn’t help thinking how shitty the whole thing is. But it turns out I’m wrong.

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Movie Review: Lootera

Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen Taking lives, Michael Clayton or Lootera.

Just came out of this movie and am starting to write what I feel about this movie right now. Trying not to mince any words or my reaction.

I am amazed at how the director made me change my mind about Aatmanand Tripathi in the midst. In the second half of the movie, I was convinced that he’d be killed by Pakhi with a knife through his heart just like Angelina Jolie did in Taking Lives. That’s what he deserved, didn’t he?

The other thing I am amazed by is how beautiful the expressions are on the face of Aatmanand Tripathi. I mean, he is able to pull off some act there. Reminded me of George Clooney’s face that was the only thing on the screen for two minutes at the end of the movie, Michael Clayton.

This movie tugged at all sorts of emotions with such impact! Rare movies, such.

I am pretty tripped out.

Book Review

Decisive: How to make better choices in life and work


I finished reading this book today and found it very useful. I say so because

  • it doesn’t exactly tell me how to live my life (i have no patience for so called self-help books)
  • is full of examples to learn from
  • is not unnecessarily long (don’t you sometimes wish the author had written a succinct blog post instead of a 256 page volume ?)

Why should you read this book:

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On running

running shoes

I started to take running seriously when I turned 30. And while I have been an occasional runner since childhood I have learnt more about this sport in the past five years than in the rest of my life.  So in this post I’ll try to put out what I know and also what I don’t. Hopefully this will help those of you who are starting on running.

My mentor in this sport is Harsh Mehta, whom I first met in Finland. He taught me a couple of things that are the core constitution of all I follow now.

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I’ll be honest – When I first saw this ‘White Hot Duck Bath Toy‘, I thought it was a cool, useful product. At the time I probably thought it was cute, would keep the baby engaged and I could trust it because it was more objective (the colour changes to white when it is too hot, which is a clear yes/no answer thus not leaving it to me to make a subjective judgement).

And it all changed when I saw it being used for the first time.

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features, features and more features. but what for?

Steve Ballmer revealed that there are 500 new features in the Mango release of Windows (here).

I fail to understand who outside of geek bloggers and their readers would appreciate the value that “500 new features” brings them. Their target customers are unlikely to understand any of the 500 new features and instead IMO they would appreciate qualities like faster boot times, secure computing, better personal data management and seamless use of online services.

I am truly surprised that this company still thinks in terms of features and not what customers want. I would instead speak about how windows could help people manage their task-list, connect their digital cameras and share their pictures online with ease. Or I would scream about how windows would never make them lose their personal data through rockstar algorithms. Exactly the kind of marketing they did for Windows 7 after it was deemed a bad launch.

Disclaimer: I may be biased, but it is hard to take this guy seriously (video).