about me

my transformation into a suit started about five years ago with an mba. while that is going on okay, i’d like to impress upon the reader that i am otherwise a pretty normal nerd with a strong interest in internet, astronomy, flying and origami.

over the past few years, i have lived in many places and i am super proud of having done that. nothing else has taught me as much as having close friends from vastly different backgrounds than mine. contrary to popular belief my linguistic skills are exactly where they were before.

my favourite tool 15 years ago was vi, which then gave way to excel and it is powerpoint for now. then it was is eclipse and sublime text for sometime. and now it is my browser


      thanks to the troubadorian for helping me bring my old blog to wordpress.
      thanks to the nixxin who pushes me to do the stuff i love to do
      thanks to the occasional stranger who finds the time to read this. you inspire me.
      thanks to my friends who come here to hear my story

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