review of the past five months – 2

Buddha Bar

I wanted to visit this place ever since I went to Paris. Ofcourse, I did not take out the time till I realized that it was time to leave France for good. Not many people are usually in for a trip to Buddha Bar just because it is there. The liberated brahmin was. After spending good time in the gulf and some in the US, he says he even thinks and expresses anger in English. The foreign MBA does not help either in getting back to his roots.
Buddha Bar is not very different from what the website shows. A hall with a huge statue of Buddha is on the ground floor and the bar is on the first floor. Everything is very expensive and the music, as expected, is what people go there for. I promised someone to get a t-shirt from there, but I did not. Apologies! 🙁

London Gay Men’s Chorus

I cannot possibly review a chorus performance since this was the first one I had been to and I am light years from ever being an expert. What follows is my account of how I saw it.
Amir-Khusrau invited me to UK during my P3-P4 break. I was pretty unhappy because of my job search results till then and so I decided to spend a few days with him. One can always trust him to arrange for a good time if one has an open mind for the surprises he has in store. Over the four or five days, I learnt a lot and enjoyed a lot. It was my first trip to the UK as far as I remember and there was an excitement to it. The vacation did not start on a very pleasant note, though. While leaving Paris at the Paris Nord station, I found that I had booked London-Paris-London instead of Paris-London-Paris and eurostar would show me no mercy at having done this mistake. I think they are nasty people — they deliberately price the London-Paris ticket more than the Paris-London ticket (DPRM at work!). Caught inbetween paying a higher price on their English website and working on their french language website, I chose the former and this led me to their default option of the journey starting from London. Aaaarrggghh! A costly mistake. I had to let go of my old tickets (about 200 Euros) and buy a fresh FULL price ticket at 223 Euros. But sorry for keeping you away from the real topic: lgmc.

But not before I tell you about Begum Sahiba. I met her along with Amir Khusrau at the London eye (1 and 2) near the Dali statue. Begum Sahiba cooks great shrimp and loves to travel. She showed me so many pictures of places she had been to in the recent months. I think she also loves to collect experiences. I love it. Khusrau expected me to know where the Dali statue would be –a good example of how inconsiderate he can get 🙂 He is good host though and surprise is his way. Along with any dish from anywhere, you are sure to receive some additions to your compendium of useless information.

Near the Sloan Street station, there is the Cadogan Hall that hosted the Chorus performance on the 29th of April entitled “the first fifteen“. A great evening for me and I liked the music too. Most people present there that evening were friends or family of those who were singing. So when they asked for others to remain standing, only ten were left standing. These, they said, were the people who mattered most and for whom they sang with all their heart. I felt special, he he!

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