review of the past five months – 3

Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival

Samois-sur-Seine is about 5 kilometers from the Avon gare and hosts an annual jazz festival by the banks of the Seine in honour of Django Reinhardt. Behind the mainstage were a lot of budding musicians who played for small gatherings of people. Some of the most interesting music is sometimes there for you when you just don’t expect it! June-July is the music season in this region. The ever expensive Montreaux fest, the Paris Jazz festival and ofcourse the night-long Fête de la Musique happens during this time.

Amongst the people who played at the Django fest, I loved saxophonist Olivier Témime and his band named “Olivier Témime and the Volunteered Slaves”. What they play is not characterised by a single genre. I think I loved his band because of the percussion, which happens to be my weakness.

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