a review of two movies

Before proceeding, the spoiler warning: If you are a serious movie buff who does not like to know the end of a movie before seeing it don’t read this post. However, speaking of Zinda and Gangster, the two movies I am going to comment on, I don’t think you should them anyway so I leave the choice to you 🙂

Copycats. They tried to copy the blood and gore from Kill Bill 2. They mercilessly copied the soundtrack “Teahouse” by Juno Reactor. Just in case you are interested, this track features in Matrix Reloaded when Neo fights the Seraph (who protects the Oracle). Sanjay Dutt could have moved his body more flexibly so his age would not come in the way of a character being portrayed too. Sorry babe, I just did not like it! But Sanju rocks and I totally believe that!

Don’t watch it. Don’t even watch the trailer (if they made one, that is). The movie is about a woman hopelessly in love with a gangster. No wait, she is hopelessly in love with a cop. No wait, that was actually a cop who turned a gangster. No wait, he turned out to be the bad guy in the end so he was probably the real gangster. She was in love with them both — At the same time. Well, not really.

Does it even matter?

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