Lost in Translation (this could be a spoiler if you have not seen the movie yet)
I fell in love with this movie all over again and I am now almost feeling guilty for not giving this movie its due respect. I tell myself that I am supposed to have a copy of the DVD with me all the time. One of the reasons I loved this movie is because it is for people who can’t get sleep. I have had massive insomnia since some time now and I can completely understand the characters’ jetlag – the feeling is with me most of the time.

I am all into forums, music and trivia related to the movie. Did you know for instance, what Bob says to Charlotte at the end of the movie. Honestly, I don’t see sense in lipping it apart. That they hugged was more important. I love movies that make this kind of an impact on me. Which is the reason why I started the wiki-style “the movie project” (membership by invitation only). The other movies that come to my mind are 21 grams and jerry maguire and speaking of which I wonder if it is the pretty face in the movie that gets my attention. I mean characters of Naomi Watts and Rene Zellweiger are probably similar to the character portrayed in this movie. Is this “appreciation” from the boy in me who still reads the cosmopolitan cover to cover ?
Never mind. Just watch this movie one more time. It gets better the second time.

Meanwhile, listen to

All that Glitters by Death in Vegas
Just Like Honey by Jesus and Mary Chain
Any song by Lesbians on Ecstacy

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