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Today I received an invitation to use joost. The user interface takes up your entire screen and converts your PC in to a television. Think interactivity now. Good, isn’t it? Well, better than that but I would not tell you. Try it out for yourself. Suits me perfect, btw – I am sick of watching the jerky IBN Live on my PC anyway.

The joost experience got me thinking:

  • Piracy is not as much concern to the video content owners in comparison to music owners. If you like the content on that channel, chances are that advertisers would pay the same amount for you to watch their ads as on traditional media. Infact, as bandwidth costs go down over time, content owners will want you to watch their channel, no matter where and how.
  • Imagine the targeted adverts that you can do if you know what exactly your viewers are watching. TRP ratings sound so inaccurate and well, duh!
  • You may listen to the same song hundreds of time, you rarely watch the same video content again (unless you are a movie freak, perhaps – I have watched lost in translation, jerry maguire and 21 grams more than 5 times each).


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