books are back again in my life

I recently finished reading the The Kite Runner and I finished the book in just two days. The story in the past and something about the childhood of the author was similar to mine. Having enjoyed it so much, I decided that I must resume my reading habits and this time, give fiction a chance. Maybe I had started calculating ROI on the reading of books, so all my reading time was spent on Fortune, National Geographic and similar sources. I have now come to realize that I cannot keep up with the rate of publication of new and interesting stuff in these areas so why even try ? Thanks to the virus-killer, who recommended me the Kite Runner in the first place, I received recommendations for the Papillon and Shantaram. And then, my father recommends “Discover the CEO within“.

Cover for the book "Tourism"

Thankfully, Stockmann did not have any of these books so I set out to search for myself and found the following covers interesting:

Tourism (take a good look at the cover here)

Ofcourse, then there was this one which is the hot topic for me since the movie launched.
Black Friday

Guess which one I chose?

Yes, you are right. The hand on the picture is that of a Sikh guy; he is wearing a kada on his right hand. It was this that intrigued me. Honest!

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