The first image was taken on October 28th, 2006 which the second one was taken on January 31st 2007. Since I keep taking quite a bunch of pictures, I decided to put them in one folder hoping to see a story develop over time. I will put up a few that are interesting and see more you are welcome to look at the flickr set here. All pictures are clickable to larger versions.

view from window-2Image008

So here it goes:

Feb 14th 2007

sunny day at work-1 from the office window
Oct 26th 2006
from the island from the bridge
Oct 22th 2006 Feb 10th 2007
road to market snow
Oct 21th 2006 Jan 26th 2007
Fog Image013
Nov 18th 2006 Jan 31st 2007

So what are your thoughts on this? Let me know!

Update: I must mention Project Rebirth which I saw quite some time ago. They put cameras at 9 locations around the site where the world trade towers were. They made videos that are available at their website. You must see a video of the photos taken from Camera A that shows 3 years of time in a 30 second or so video. Sure does strike some emotions in you.

Though what they did was very professional, but I have in mind to set up a cellphone/plain digi-cam on a tripod from my window and let it run for about 24 hours and make a video of that. Should be interesting! Anybody knows any software to help me do that?

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