Time lapse photography

This video is the first published one in the series of time-lapse videos that I will be posting in the coming days. This video was created by clicking a low-res (800×600) picture at 60 second intervals from 0530 hrs to 2100. As you can see in the video, the length of the day is almost 11 hours these days and should become more than 12 hours before the end of March, increasing constantly till midsummer.

It all began when the lawyer who visited me here in Finland suggested the next level of time lapse photography in one previous post.

I have also done a video of me sleeping, which I am sure is of little interest to any one else. The problem in shooting that video was that I had keep the lights on to get a good picture since the camera flash would have driven me mad otherwise through the night.

Technique: For the above video, the camera used was Nokia N80 running a python script and some books as prop to work as a stand. The average image size was 30-40 Kb and I needed only 70 Mb of memory to do the above job across some 840 pictures. In future projects, I plan to increase the resolution, use a tripod, not use flash and utilise up to 2Gb memory for longer jobs. I then used Adobe Premiere Elements to create the huge video. I wonder if there is a way to reduce the size of the video — can’t understand why 72 Mb of images create a 250 Mb video!

Next steps:
I need more ideas. What subjects do you think might be interesting for a study like this ? There are some constraints when I make these videos too: I have to keep the camera charged and keep the camera protected from rain and wind.

a) Flowers through the day (they bend a little in the direction of the sun)
b) Parking lots (where to keep my camera)
c) myself through the work day (why would you guys ever see it?)
d) melting ice
e) traffic light (again, where to keep the camera?)

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