Fluid motion

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Vehicles in different fluids behave differently when it comes to comfort of the passengers in them. The size of the vehicle and the position in which you are seated has an impact on your comfort. Here are some general principles:

# Boats

## Small Motorboats
Motorboats rise a bit from the front due to the engine being at the very back. So if you are seated at the front, you will experience the up and down of every wave. Very thrilling, but not comfortable. The back, right where the motor is happens to be the least bumpy place to be.

## Sailboats
They have a long keel at the center bottom that goes much further below the water and keeps the boat stable. Staying above that is the most comfortable location.
In general though, sailboats are not bumpy. So all positions work out okay.

# Aeroplanes
The front of the aircraft is usually the least bumpy at least in the Jets. The other position is in the rows along the wings.

The back is usually the bumpiest.