Honesty, or marketing ?

I mentioned something about honesty in a previous post. Reading it again I felt I should explain it a bit.

Nothing better than a real world example to explain a view.

I recently stayed at a holiday resort at Merchala a place about 15 km north of Jim Corbett national park. It is a quiet place in a valley with a stream flowing next to it. More importantly it is marketed to people from the big city (Delhi) as a place to go to wind down and be close to nature. I am tempted to write more about the place but perhaps later.

In their rooms I found some directions regarding re-using towels – they encourage you to not send them out for washing as frequently like many other hotels do in order to ‘save precious water’.

Honest you think ?

Absolutely not, I say.

I call it so because ‘saving precious water’ is not even close to their top 10 items to focus on. For instance they happen to keep a 2000 square meter garden immaculately green with grass that doesn’t even belong to that place and also maintain a swimming pool. They have a central heating system (electric) for cottages spread across 2000 sq m so imagine the wastefulness in sending heating water all around ! And towels shouldn’t be cleaned every so often to save water Really?

So why does water wastage for towel washing come up as item 2 on their messaging to their customers ? It’s because this is a message they want to give to their customers that resonates and brings a positive response.

It has no connection to what they actually are. And hence is not honest.

Many a time marketing does not soulfully say what product is. Don’t get me wrong – It isn’t supposed to be a description of the product. The very purpose of marketing is to create demand. This is done by fundamentally asking the question: what does the consumer want to hear, not a description of my product features.

Rarely though, these two things are the same and it is then honest. I am a bit biased for this kind of honesty and I guess that is evident already 😉

Freemium products are by definition honest.