Sorry folks for not being myself over the past few days. Those of you who have tried to reach me might have felt frustrated at not hearing back from me. Apologies for that and I promise to rectify that soon. I am going through a short-lived phase of uncertainty that had blurred my judgment. The bright side is that it won’t be long, so hang in there. Hugs to all of you, as always.

The past couple of weeks were spent back home. Just like all trips back home, this one provided me a new set of challenges. Coming back to my apartment too, like always, was an unexpected experience. There would be pictures soon too: of the new highway on NH1, of the interesting road signs I encountered and so on.

Top 5 high points of this trip:
a) the hugs i got
b) driving 800 km alone with all car speakers working at full capacity.
c) three pegs of whisky with bal uncle
d) not checking email for 3 days at a stretch
e) my jogging routine

Top 5 low points during this trip:
a) discovering that a few people have deleted their orkut profiles
b) travelling 2 km in 2 hours in a traffic jam
c) the birthday cake fiasco
d) __blank__ (will fill it soon)
e) __blank__ (will fill it soon)

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