life’s little pleasures

It is great to know how others associate my (somewhat diverse and unrelated) interests with me. Associations across interests sometimes turn interesting and here is an example.

Last Monday I received a parcel from the couple from the love nest. Well, any gift would make my day but this one was super special since it came from people I love and it came to me when I really need gifts. Sigh! Do you guys get it?

It totally made my day.

The gift is a book. Umm… on photography. Err.. on erotic photography. A few years ago when I was a student of photography, this is where I wished I could be (dreams, right? me agrees!) I am the photographer in the group, I am told. I have also been warned to not to reciprocate the love with any porn or even remotely porn material 🙂 Maybe they don’t trust my taste but that is another matter.

I also loved the extensive use of wrapping paper and sealing tape that took me 10 minutes to take off (was this their idea of foreplay?)

I am still excited over the gift though I have not even read a single page. Madame et Monsieur, you rock!

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