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Making_MusicI am starting to feel a headache from the continuous use of headphones I have so I must stay off them for a while. Since I have a new set of speakers, it works out good.

Now, how do I discover new music? For those with an eclectic taste like mine, I recommend using, one of the best guides I have ever come across. Their pages are slow to load and the fact that they have almost the entire long tail covered makes it a bit difficult to reach the exact song/album/artist you might be looking for. However, once you are there, try out the tags, or the “moods” they use to describe a song. Click on a mood to see other songs with that trait. Their editors tag songs with such adjectives as “detached”, “calm”, “acerbic”, “wintry”, “refined/mannered”, “nocturnal”. How cool is that! A bit old school, I would say, since they don’t use like collaborative ranking. Suits me better though, since I never trusted votes of the masses when it comes to music.

And here is the best source of discovering new music, but because these music companies have the most convoluted ways of working, it works only in the US and Canada. Visit . For those outside of the US, you could try which is a similar service but does not have the same depth as pandora, me thinks.

Another good source of recommendation is lotus-like feet. He is kind of an easy one: if you send him mints from exotic places, he might even send you CDs at your doorstep.

And here are some of my recommendations:

Top five sleep-to songs
a) Mothers of the disappeared by U2
b) Youngstown by Bruce Springsteen
c) Sitting Still Moving Still Staring Outlooking by His Name Is Alive
d) Girls by Death in Vegas
e) Son of a preacher man by Dusty Springfield

Top five wakeup-to songs
a) Great Indian Desert by Zakir Hussain
b) Three 8 bar drum loops by David Holmes (from the soundtrack of Ocean’s Twelve)
c) Speaking in Tongues II by Sheila Chandra
d) So Young by The Corrs
e) Om Jai Jagdish Hare (used to be downloadable from till their domain was taken over)

Top five songs that might depress you (or will help if you are already depressed!)
a) On the turning away by Pink Floyd
b) Shake Rattle and Roll by Benicio del Toro (from the soundtrack of 21 grams)
c) Three Minute Warning by Liquid Tension Experiment
d) Newborn Awakening by Jim Morrison
e) Rozanna by Amitabh Bachchan

Update: How could I forget ? This ofcourse is for the ultra mobile geeks.

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