People (un)like me

People unlike me

This past year I discovered a ‘feature’ in a couple of people whom I’ve interacted with a lot. That ‘feature’ (or maybe I should call it behaviour instead) of theirs is very unlike me and I’ll be honest – it wasn’t something I could process very easily and left me confused as to how to deal with them.

It is the ability of theirs to share a definitive (and sometimes extreme) opinion (good or bad) about a person and then alter it that in a different context after some time (hours or days).

See, I’m the type of guy who’d think before sharing an opinion about another person and I would much more careful if that individual is not present when I am saying that. निन्दा is a beautiful Hindi word that describes the negative connotation in mind about this.
So it is pretty obvious why I’d be confused.

Adaptability is the theme in my mind these days, so I particularly appreciate the need to be able to say, ‘I was wrong earlier but I know better now and have no qualms admitting it’.

It doesn’t work for me however if you say ‘He is a bastard’ and the next day invite him to dinner … at your home. 🙂 The dissonance is un-natural to me and yet I know it is not so for everyone.

So I’ve decided to not take an opinion too seriously now, especially of people who are a bit too, ‘malleable’.