Gurgaon Toll Collectors’ Agony

Today morning at 10 am.

I spent about 12 minutes at the toll gate to pay for my toll fee. Here is an outcome of my thought process:

16 lanes x 25 per lane = roughly 400 cars waiting to pay their toll at Gurgaon. Anybody will hate that in the morning hours.

Current processing time per car: 5 seconds after it has come to rest at the gate (amazing human feat by the way). It sometimes increases to a max of 20 seconds but they know to keep it under check. After all there are TWO people at every collector gate. The redundancy – impressive! Hats off to the people who return change against Rs 100, Rs 50 with efficiency that can only be matched by an automatic currency counting machine.

I still couldn’t help thinking how shitty the whole thing is. But it turns out I’m wrong.

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