Movie Review: Lootera

Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen Taking lives, Michael Clayton or Lootera.

Just came out of this movie and am starting to write what I feel about this movie right now. Trying not to mince any words or my reaction.

I am amazed at how the director made me change my mind about Aatmanand Tripathi in the midst. In the second half of the movie, I was convinced that he’d be killed by Pakhi with a knife through his heart just like Angelina Jolie did in Taking Lives. That’s what he deserved, didn’t he?

The other thing I am amazed by is how beautiful the expressions are on the face of Aatmanand Tripathi. I mean, he is able to pull off some act there. Reminded me of George Clooney’s face that was the only thing on the screen for two minutes at the end of the movie, Michael Clayton.

This movie tugged at all sorts of emotions with such impact! Rare movies, such.

I am pretty tripped out.