On reaching out …

I’ve always had difficulty understanding actions during war and how people deal with the consequences retrospectively. That surely doesn’t imply I am disrepectful of soldiers — it is just hard for me to put myself in their shoes.

I just listened to an interview on BBC Outlook and haven’t fully absorbed it. The full interview is at this link and in case the link does not work, try this audio file below.

BBC Outlook

This particular interview between the Pakistani fighter pilot and the daughter of one of his victims is truly extraordinary. Their voices sound settled and certainly not resentful — perhaps a gap of 40 years does that. This gesture on part of both the victim and the soldier is not as mundane as it might sound like. They are extraordinary people for having done what they did. The pilot certainly had the choice to continue his life and Farida too chose to respond back to the request to reach out.

We are the choices that we make.

An article about this is at indian express.