The London riot cleanup and what I learnt from it

Back when London was burning under the riots a lot of folks were locked up inside their houses. If it was me, I would have probably caught up on my reading or maybe just watched tv and internet coverage of the riots because moving out wasn’t safe at all.

And then in a few days we all saw that the public came together to clean up the mess. The hashtag #riotcleanup sprang to action and helped people mobilize their efforts to bring order back to the city. Continue reading The London riot cleanup and what I learnt from it

Missing Bejan…

(Bejan talking about my mind being all unbalanced)

In August 2004 I was very busy running a startup. Time flew by me because of the awesome fun I was having then. ¬†While the company was involved in astrology as a business, I myself didn’t believe much in it (or rather I should say, I didn’t depend on it). When most people would love to be around Bejan especially when Bejan was talking about you, I was deliberately not listening to him and kept myself occupied with my SLR shooting this and a lot more pictures of my friends.

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