What are you made of?

There is always someone out there who can do what you do – a bit better even. Here is an example.

How long do you think you can hold your breath? With some practice, I have been able to do it for 1 minute 30 seconds. Once, I might have touched 2 minutes. I am proud of that –- it took me a lot of practice. But as I said, there is so much more out there!

Diving in deep water is done with oxygen cylinders attached to the back of divers. As the divers descend, due to the increased pressure under water, their tissues absorb more nitrogen than they would on the surface. During ascent, the excess nitrogen is expelled and if the diver comes up too soon, nitrogen bubbles could form in blood vessels. This might cause excess pressure on blood vessels and internal organs, causing extreme nausea, passing out or even death. Therefore, all divers who dive below a certain depth must come up at a strictly governed pace. Continue reading What are you made of?