Top five favourite phrases

The last weekend was a boat trip to Hanko. Absolute fun (Isn’t the combination of women & saunas exactly that?). Above all, I learnt stuff about navigating in the sea. The best part was the ride back at 2 in the morning with a little darkness around us around because of the clouds (remember, this is Finland?). Throughout that ride, I stood at the front with a flashlight, binoculars, a compass and the sea charts looking out for buoys and other navigational aids helping the skipper. I will write in detail about that later. For now, it is lists.

Inspired by High Fidelity, I have been obsessed with top 5 lists since morning. Out of approximately 10 lists that I created, I would put up a few now in here and invite you all to add yours or well, begin a new list.

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get a life – part deux

“And earlier this week, adult entertainment company Playboy announced the launch of a Playboy Island in Second Life that will include a retail store, video lounge and virtual beachfront property where Second Life members can hang out.”

From this Source .

While on that topic, I thought could also mention some first life stuff. Here is a mashup of Hot Or Not with Google Maps.

I think I have said this before: The world is changing, we are doing the same things in different ways.

Part one here

queues revisited

I was tempted to put up this picture. The queues don’t change much even in the rain. (I posted my reflection on the bus queues some time back).



the queue

I was tempted to put up this picture. The queues don’t change much even in the rain. (I posted my reflection on the bus queues some time back).

I find it intriguing that people prioritise personal space over protecting themselves from the rain :). A contrast to what I am used to.

FYI, It is raining in Helsinki since yesterday and the temperature is around 10 degrees. Ofcourse, in defiance of nature, I still don’t wear any warm clothing. This is all the summer I get in here and I am not letting it go. Aaargh!

on shahpur jat

Shahpur Jat is an interesting place. I have spent quite some time in that village which lies in urbanised surroundings. It is where I met mantriji and maha-mantriji and the one and only pee kay ass :). It is also where about twenty of my friends were roughed up by a couple of locals (i wasn’t there by chance. i don’t think it would have helped though!).

In Shahpur Jat,I have
* felt safe
* been to terrace parties (or competitions in getting drunk without being seen by neighbours ?)
* spent many hours waiting (yeah, just plain waiting)
* drunk the worlds best cold coffee
* felt unsafe

What is also interesting is the shops in basements. Some real cool stuff happens in those by lanes that I discovered only on the internet and never in my visits. Anybody who has been there would know that the landlords and the tenants are a different segment of people and don’t mingle much outside of the once-a-month routine.

A design company, the shoe factory (TSF), a creative forum are from that place.

And a few days ago, I came across this interesting website that sells everyday items made a bit differently. They call themselves Happily Unmarried. Lotus like feet has asked me what I would want from there. I am thinking to choose between the lassi glass, the mug or the 4-set of shotglasses.

SJ is ironic: guess that’s what I wanted to say.

got a life?

Did you know that Sweden has now set up an embassy in Second Life ?
Did you know that INSEAD has set up a campus on Second Life ?
Did you know that IBM, Nokia and so many other companies too have real estate on second life ?

If you didn’t, then you should find out what the fuss is about. Goto, download the software and start living. Talk to real people. visit interesting places and well, get a life after all!

PS: I am tempted to continue adding to your compendium of useless information: Did you know that a nursing whale can produce upto 160 gallons of milk each day ?