Helsinki Rocks

Come to Helsinki.

“We have already heard of the arrival of such big names as Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy (Ice Hall, 23.5.), Ozzy Osbourne (Helsinki Arena 6.6.), Genesis (Olympic Stadium 11.6.), George Michael (Stadium 1.7.), Aerosmith (Arena 7.7.), The Who (Helsinki Arena 9.7.), and Metallica (Stadium 15.7.), and this does not include the summer’s usual round of rock, blues, and jazz festivals such as Provinssirock in Seinäjoki, Ruisrock in Turku, and Pori Jazz.”

Helsinki Sanomat Article

I am most interested in Purple Dada and Who bhai log

funny queue

Take 1:

Take 2, from a little further away:

This morning I could not help taking this picture of the bus stop opposite from the one that I take every morning. Every once in a while, I see a few people standing while looking in the same direction but have never come across such a neat formation. This one was just most natural to them obviously and people fell into this line as they converged into the bus stop from both sides.

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Time lapse photography

This video is the first published one in the series of time-lapse videos that I will be posting in the coming days. This video was created by clicking a low-res (800×600) picture at 60 second intervals from 0530 hrs to 2100. As you can see in the video, the length of the day is almost 11 hours these days and should become more than 12 hours before the end of March, increasing constantly till midsummer.

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