cowboy tactics

Yes, it works. Sometimes you get a job for being blunt… Here is an example. Panditji wrote this “job application” and guess what? He got the job!

Here is a heavily censored email that he wrote out. I have tried to hide identities and even the business idea but if you are really interested in knowing it all, write to me and I will connect you to Panditji. 🙂

dear ceo

a former colleague who studies at …. said i should look at your job role “specs” document.
I have lots that you might seek … . If one did a strengths-weaknesses analysis – I am not much of a content writer myself. But have set up superlative (read crazy) teams of content writers. Am not a programmer but have designed interesting content based apps.

Am at a stage in life (39 years) when i dont want to daliance with riff-raff. If you folks are serious about gate-crashing the party, I cd be of use. Otherwise dont bother me from my semi-retired slumber. Currently I am part of a non-profit working on universalizing elementary education among children from deprived sections in India. I am responsible to set up and run green field projects in the states of Punjab and Haryana. I dont make a lot of money but I am having a great time.

I think I belong from the first generation of webbies. In 1996-97 I made the first HTML page. Am a journalist by profession. Better still, I was a journalist. But along the way I took to content based entreprise; turned webbie and then worked on net & phone-based content. I also designed content-managment applications for the publishing industry. I have also produced a couple films – including a travel film. Have travelled extensively. Am a good story teller. Life has been fun. Have tried to drink in the best and the seediest of watering holes around the world. Have driven all over the world. Have walked the Himalayas extensively. Still keep my old Royal Enfield motorcycle.

My CV if you pass on to a HR guy – confuses the daylights of that person. But CEOs get interested. I enjoy building teams, empowering them, challenging them. The workplaces I created have been described as controlled-anarchies. I like to be a leader rather a manager. I have revelled in startups – not in established process-driven corporations.

This mail screams – this guy is a maverick. See if you might be interested. Find my CV – havent updated it. It will at least give you the flavour.

You folks want to create a xxx portal – good idea. But the space is crowded. So what is it that you wd do to grab eyeballs & a piece of the pie – ….. The consumer these days is smart – we may direct traffic in a 1000 different ways. How do you convert that into business? …… What is the distinguisher? User-generated content ….. Spams, referrals, network marketing. the whole world has played those tricks on the net.
Am sure you have some killer-app ideas. If yes, lets connect up – it wd be fun to go back to making money and doing good-ale content.


If i know the behaviour of the user – she/he will look at yr content and based on the experience will NOT click the buy button. The user will go elsewhere and look for deals. if she/he finds yr deal useful – may take it – but you are not the only ones offering good deals. so how do you grab the customer. …… From the 100 that the client pays, the …. owner gets only 50-60 bucks. The rest 40-50 rest with agents. I think the business is in getting the …. owner his 50-60 (+ X %) and ……. slicing away the agents’ cuts – passing them on to the client – and earning an honest day’s wage. dont know – this has been my hypothesis for ….. business. but i am not current with businesses these days.

Anyway, lets talk if you are interested – call me on +91-9891x xxxxx.

Find attached CV.
Am currently based in Delhi, India.

“Vitality and beauty are gifts from nature
for those who live by its laws.”


on design

From now on, I will start posting faults that I notice in systems around me. I will try to stick to design faults and not manufacturing ones, since they interest me more. Having all the flexibility and yet coming up with a system that is functional is a dificult task. Too much choice causes a headache. Which is why it is interesting to see how businesses come up with something starting from a clean slate. Choice – that is what we are made of, isn’t it?

So here is the start:

  • In many models of Nokia phones (I have only used Nokias so I don’t know about others), I find that long phone numbers that don’t fit into the screen are clipped at the beginning (where the country code is). Is that better than clipping the last few digits?
  • I don’t know how I can find out the number of contacts that I have in my skype account. I have to ask some one else to look into my profile and tell me. If you know of a way, tell me. Now, this could be a manufacturing problem and not a design problem but I have taken the liberty to write it here anyway.