yaba daba daba…my MBA is over!

At 4 AM in the morning, I am tuned to my own customised station on launchcast. To listen to my station, click here.

sabki saakhi pe nazar ho, yeh zaroori hai
magar sab pe saaki ki nazar ho, yeh zaroori to nahin.

ab chodd chaley babul nagri
tab haal-e-ali par kya guzri

mahal-mahal mein begum royein
ab hum guzre, duniya guzree
ab hum guzre, duniya guzree

Tracery Remix by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

I think my station is the coolest station on the Internet. It features “Enya, U2, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Sting, Thievery Corporation, Sheila Chandra, Afro Celt Sound System, Def Leppard, Dave Brubeck, Alanis Morissette, Phil Collins“. No other radio station would ever put U2 and Dave Brubeck together, would it? Yahoo messenger does a good job of increasing the stickiness of the consumer by adopting to the consumer’s preferences. I started giving Yahoo a list of my favourite artists, albums and songs a few years ago and I am improving it every now and then. What could make me move to another radio station ? What is more – I can pay $5 a month to keep listening to other stations unlimited. But why should I do that as long as my station is free of cost to me ?

The radio station is really just a distraction – I am now done with my classes and am free! The feeling is mixed though, since I probably did not prepare much for the ending (Could I have?). This is also time to reflect upon what the last year has been and what I will take away from it in the years to come. Sometime in the next ten days, I will try to make a list of things why MBA maketh a man and put it up here. Ofcourse, it will invite a negative reaction from most of you since you are not MBAs and this is indeed one of the takeaways 🙂

The Negotiation Analysis class by Loic was the last one. I had planned on making this class a special one in a long time. I thought that it would be special but it did not turn out to be so. Loic did make it special though by giving us the champagne collected as fines. I stayed low on champagne because I am still not sure if the aquavit at the Swedish Midsummer party at the shark-diver’s home is out of my bloodstream. Speaking of which, it was completely my kind of party and the reasons are:

  • less than 20 people. everybody knew every body else.
  • humour. lots of it.
  • music in the background, people in the foreground. (not the other way round)
  • singing, especially when you don’t understand the language in which you are singing.
  • interesting food. the shark-diver and his girlfriend explained what the food was to every guest as they arrived at the table.

I hope that it was as interesting for others too. Every body I met told me that I was very “happy” and was smiling a lot. As far as I remember, they also laughed when I made those jokes. But then what do I know!

Graduation, which is ten days away is going to be painful since the global experience will come to an end. Watching the world cup matches in the INSEAD bar is an uplifting experience. No matter which country is playing, it is likely that students from that country would be watching, screaming and wearing their countries’ colour. It is hard to imagine this happenning anywhere else.

Oh, and I forgot the links:
http://www.antipodemap.com/ and http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5492174
Thanks to Lotus like feet.

yana jee

 Yes, there was a time I tripped on her! BTW, this new version of Picassa with web albums is just way too crazy. It is likely that if you are reader of this blog, I have sent you some or the other crazy picture by now 🙂 Posted by Picasa

3G cellphone

Yeah, I wore this watch once 🙂 It is a true 3G device but is very low on utility. Brought to the Indian market by Reliance for people with money to spare. Thanks VSS, for those moments of pleasure I received by wearing this watch. Posted by Picasa

tid bits

This morning was different. I woke up after the morning was over 🙂

I have lazed around near my window enjoying the sun (it is a rare thing here, you see).

I found two links I must share: one of them is yahoo’s slander on msn’s myspace. The other one is google’s browser sync. I think that browser sync is such a simple concept and necessity and should have been available on every browser since day one. It is not surprising that google decided to bring this first.

This is strategy 101: In a market with high churn of customers, it is dificult to secure your position. Your efforts should be to increase the customer’s pain in moving browsers. Somebody finally got it!

I learnt this from our great professor: Karel Cool. Can’t ever forget his diaper example.

rewinding a bit

Some days are strange. No, infact most days are strange these days. I wake up and I have to really figure out what to do now. And when I get back to bed, I have to force myself to remember what happenned during the entire day. Since I am completely on to figuring out my future and practically doing nothing else, the mojo has gone. And I realized this just now. Yes, just now – in the middle of the night at 1:15 AM on this 9th day of June in 2006.

I slept at 8 in the evening and woke up three hours later. Since then, I have been tossing around in my bed trying to get some sleep and mental rest. But I have failed. My thoughts started from being very sullen, gloomy and negative to being very happy, excited and I wanted to change something about this lousy excuse of a lifestyle I have developed. The goal that I adopted took me away from life and it takes such a sleepless night to realise that. An adopted dream, that I made to be my goal, sounded logical after I did all of my newly learnt “objective thinking”. Which is all perfect, except for the fact that I forgot what drives me. Or maybe I did not really forget it, but merely failed to connect my dream to my possible future. With those positive thoughts, I remembered what I am driven by and how disconnected I am from that these days.

I imagined I could change my past life at e-418, ram vihar and here is the new version, which I would have lived if I had the power to do so. I was living with doogie howser and the absent-minded professor. We were all engrossed in our jobs all week and the weekend was when I rushed to my weekend retreat. Unfailingly. Doogie Howser would rarely leave the door of his room open or discuss his day after work since he always had some work to do. The absent-minded professor functioned only in the morning which was when we both saw each other most of the time. We sure chatted about each other’s day at work and the general chick-scene in and our hole. The professor would sometimes come out for a walk with me after dinner in the breezy summers. Doogie would not come with us for those “indulgent” walks and would rather go for a run (in the gym). We never really used the kitchen. None of us had the slightest inclination to cooking food. I always have considered my self to be at the bottom of the food chain, so I would eat anything; Doogie was happy with his super-healthy diet of tomatoes and egg-whites and milk that was skimmed ten times over. The professor did appreciate home-cooked food and hence drove the maid to be installed and food be prepared every day. So well, this was what was. What I day-dreamt was that we guys would have made our kitchen extremely functional and installed a proper dining table in the living room. I would love cooking like I do now and I would gradually learn a lot of stuff. My job at that time gave me a lot of time (and money too). If I was not applying to business schools, I might have had elaborately cooked every night I guess. We would convene once a month and make list of two people each, whom we could invite to our home for a Friday or Saturday evening dinner. I would be incharge of cooking and making up the house. I can imagine that doogie would do as told if I asked him to do anything and the professor would have done what he listened to (he used to hear everything, but listened to only a fraction of that). There would be red wine and other kinds of alcohol on the table along with nice but inexpensive cutlery. The music was totally my domain. I would decide the overall theme and the soundtracks that would be played that evening. What was the purpose then, you may ask? People would arrive and then mingle with each other. It would be important to invite people with little in common so the discussion would be educative, and not be boring. (In a place like Noida, and with geeks like us, all we would end up would be software engineers and that would not be of much help, right?) We, the hosts, would not do much other than introduce the guests and only enjoy them speaking on several topics. I enjoy introducing people to each other in different ways, and I would enjoy that part more than anything else in the evening.

Here is a complementary addition to your compendium of useless information:
I am listening to: Aaj jaane ki zid na karo by Hilal-e-Imtiaz Farida Khanum. Featured in Bhopal Express. On radioioworld. You can find some information here.

I imagined then that such evenings would become the part in my life that I treasure the most. Knowing people from different walks of life would be so much fun. As kind of an introvert, I find this method of interacting with people most satisfying. If Lotus-like-feet was in town, he would be invited too.

Something weird happenned then in my dream: I was now inviting my current classmates and this what shook me out of my bed onto the computer, typing this. I was thinking that if was doing those dinners and if I was so involved in them, my life was perhaps more fulfilled and I might not have wanted to do my mba in the first place.

The real learning is in the ability to use this information for my future.

I think that this process of re-living a previous part of my life brought out to me what is most important to me. I realised that I like to care for people and do stuff for my near and dear ones. I treasure deep friendships and relationships and also that I am almost completely incapable of doing small talk. If I have that, I don’t think I would be dissatisfied in the long run.

The Hulk is doing a sports management elective here at INSEAD and over lunch today, we discussed Jerry Maguire and his mission statement. It is interesting that I am writing this piece after a bad pizza and at 1 AM at night on an uncomfortable night. Pure co-incidence though. Honest!

“Roll with the punches. Tomorrow is another day.” — Dicky Fox

Today’s link: http://www.structuredprocrastination.com/