Lessons from a guy born in the snow

It is the first time I am living in a place where it snows. Last week it snowed a couple of days. Well, I spent a couple of hours just looking outside my window. Took a few pictures too. Things I would be embarrassed to say in front of most of my groupies.

On complaining to the “guy born in the snow”, here is the advice I got:

1st lesson: Always wear a hat when its cold:
rationale: as almost 25% of your body’s blood is in your head, insulating it from the cold makes a huge effect

2nd lesson: find a girlfriend here and keep her close to you at all times – make sure she has a warm temperature

3rd lesson (takes time): eat as much as you can – the more fat in the nutrition, the better: fat is the best insulator against cold

4rd lesson (immediately av.): keep moving: the more you move, the warmer you get

5th lesson: ask the guys if they can increase the temperature

Hope this helps you too

how can one identfy fools ?

Hindustan Times, apart from their news reporting, also feels obliged to share the email addresses of every registered user on their website for the convienence of spammers. The following link: http://www.hindustantimes.com/SCRAMBLEonlineCDA/general/reg_user_emailids.jsp (remove the words SCRAMBLE from the link) points to a *huge* list of email addresses. Do you know examples of fools or greater order ?

on sikhism on the internet

A mail I wrote to my uncle. Since what I write is relevant to anybody interested in Sikhism, I will post it here as is.

I have a couple of sites related to Sikhism to share with you. I learnt of these websites yesterday and spent a lot of time browsing through them. I told to mom and dad also about them.

The first one is a site on which you will find the *entire* Guru Granth Sahib. The authors of the website provide a page by page view of the Granth Sahib. They provide a rough hindi and english translation too. You can search the entire Granth on the basis of a word, or you could browse through each of the 1430 pages in the entire Granth. The translation might sound controversial to some people. After all, some texts are interpreted in multiple ways by readers based on their context. Nevertheless, I found the authors’ efforts commendable!

This website is a Sikhism encyclopedia continously in the making. This website is a “wiki”. What this means is that there is no one author of the website. It is mantained by well… everybody who wants to. On the top right corner of this website is a link that will help you create a “login” and thus be able to edit / delete / add to any page on the entire website. This site has extensive material on the Sikh Gurus, disciples, history and philosophy. I even found a page on Dr. Manmohan Singh on this site. In short, you can add any information that you think is relevant and it is thus a great resource. One might question its reliability since every one could edit it as they want. However, in practice, it has been found that the positive forces are as much as the negative ones (if any). Sometimes you would find a page carrying more personal opinion rather than the unadulterated truth. In that case, you (or any other reader) is free to click the “edit” button on the top of the page and make their changes.